The Great Dismal Swamp


The Great Dismal Swamp stretches from Northeastern North Carolina into Southern Virginia.  It is one of the only remaining great American wildernesses and boast more than 100,000 acres. It is home to an array of species and plants, some being very dangerous. The swamp is full of mystery and can be very dangerous to those that do not know the lay of the land or which parts to navigate through and which parts should be left alone.  Over the years there have been many mysterious lights seen amongst the swamp lands and some have lost their lives trying to get out of the incredibly deep and deceptive waters. However, don’t let these facts deter you from exploring this incredible natural wilderness. In fact, there are many things for visitors to see and do should you decide to visit this great swamp land!

What are some of the adventures the Great Dismal Swamp has to offer???

Swamp Safari: The swamp safari is a spectacular and adventurous way to explore the Great Dismal swamp lands. Visitors are taken in an safari vehicle with camouflage vinyl wrap for an educational and one of kind 4-hour safari tour. The tour is led by a biologist who specializes in the mysterious habitat that makes up the Dismal Swamp lands. You will learn about the swamp’s history, the wildlife that inhibits it as well as enjoy a quick walk to Lake Drummond. Should you want to participate in this adventure you must make reservations early as the open spots tend to fill up fast.

Biking: Looking to get in a little exercise and explore the swamplands? Enjoy a bike ride through the wilderness as long as you stay on the marked trails. Remember this is a very lush and thick area of wilderness and safety is number one priority. Should you be looking to explore the terrain a little more in depth it is suggested that you join in on the safari tour where a skilled guide is leading the way.

Wildlife Observation: For those of you nature lovers looking to get a look at all of thedismal-swamp-black-bear wildlife and vegetation that encompasses the swamp you will definitely enjoy observing all of the wildlife the swamp has to offer.  There are over 200 species that can be found nestled in the swamplands ranging from birds, to toads and salamanders, to yellow bellied turtles! There is also black bears, river otter and bobcats as well.

Hiking: Get in a bit of physical activity as well as a little wilderness observation and enjoy one of the many safe hiking trails laced throughout the swamp. Because this is a land of mystery and is filled with many species of wildlife it is always best to hike with a friend or partner and make sure to respect the environment around you.

North-Carolina-attractionThe great Dismal Swamp is definitely incredible to visit and is yet another of North Carolina’s many tourist attractions. Feel free to enjoy The Great dismal Swamp State Park and the lush vegetation that it has to offer.  It is always best to bring water, sunscreen and insect repellent should you be planning a trip to this natural swamp land. Always pick up after yourself dumping trash in designated spaces. The swamp lands are home to so many different forms of wildlife we want to make sure that the natural habitat of these inhabitants stays clean and in pristine condition for their survival.

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