~The Beautiful City Of Raleigh, North Carolina~

history-of-raleighWhen visiting North Carolina, there are so many beautiful cities with history, charm, and amazing sites to be seen.  Raleigh, the State Capital of North Carolina, perhaps being one of my favorite!  Not only is Raleigh a National Historical Landmark it is also the first and only city built with the plans to make it the states Capital!  The city was founded in 1972 and was named after Sir Walter Raleigh who attempted to establish one of the first English colonies dating all the way back to 1580!  The founding fathers nicknamed this incredible city “City Of Oaks” because of the all the oaks that can be found throughout.  They elected to protect and maintain the wooded areas and many parks that can be found all over the city!  With over 9,000 acres of park land and 1,300 acres of water there are recreational activities that can be found all year round.  In fact the city even has an 152 mile greenway system that boast walking, hiking and running paths and connects over 200 parks throughout the city!  So what are some of the fun things to see and do while visiting Raleigh??

Raleigh Must See & Do’s

  • North Carolina State Fair- Held in October every year, it is the largest event to happen throughout all of the state. Lasting 11 days in total more than 800,000 people attend every year!
  • governors-mansion-raleighHistorical Sites- Whether you are visiting the North Carolina Historical Capital Building, Executive Mansion, or Historic Oakwood, they are all incredible historical sites to be visited.  Oakwood is art in itself with 19th century Victorian homes laced throughout the neighborhood.
  • Music Scene- Perhaps one of the most encompassing of all performance areas, Raleigh offers Broadway shows, theaters, operas, and symphonies
  • ONE Corner of The Research Triangle- The Research Triangle is comprised of Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill and their respective Universities (University of N.C. Chapel Hill, University Durham, and N.C. State University of Raleigh) With some of the nations best universities “The Triangle” is home to some of the largest research and tech companies out there. Think IBM, Cisco Systems, Red Hat, Pfizer etc.chapel-hill-university-NC
  • Wildlife- If you are a lover of wildlife you won’t be disappointed, Raleigh is home to wood ducks, white tailed deer, Canada geese, and wild turkeys

These are just a few of the spectacular attractions in the city of Raleigh.  In general there are over 40 historical sites and museums to visit and explore.  The great thing about this city is that it has something to over all types of visitors.  Spo if you are planning a trip to our beautiful state of North Carolina, we definitely advise a visit to the city of Raleigh.  A little historical culture, southern hospitality, and beautiful woodlands surrounding you you will not be disappointed.




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