Spring Hail Storms & Vehicle Protection

One thing that no one may warn you about when visiting North Carolina during the spring is that it’s hail season! You might be thinking that you didn’t even know that hail had a season, but it definitely does and the Spring months are where it’s at. Why are hail storms so common in the spring? It is because intense weather reaches its peak in the spring when cold air from the North clashes with the warm & humid air coming in from the Gulf of Mexico. With the clash in warm/cold air coupled with other weather elements, fierce thunderstorms often blanket North Carolina & many of the other Southern & Central states within the U.S. With these thunderstorms, the updraft of air rising lifts droplets of water high into the below-freezing atmosphere. These accumulated balls of the now frozen waterfall to the Earth as giant hailstones.

What Do Severe Hail Storms Mean For North Carolina?

Hail storms can often cause damage to automobiles and even buildings & homes. Large balls of falling ice will leave dings & dents marring any surface they fall hard enough on, including your vehicle. In fact, hail damage is so common in the southern states that there are many expert hail damage repair services that you will find throughout the state. Paintless Dent Repair & certified ceramic coating experts at Form & Finish, provide hail damage repair & ceramic coatings for Greensboro & Pineville residents. They also work with many car dealerships & rental car agencies to help fix any vehicle damages on the sales lot or when being driven by visitors. 

Am I Responsible for Hail Damage to My Rental Car?

Many visitors renting cars often ask if they are liable for any hail damage inflicted on their rental car. The easy answer is that you should always make sure that either your insurance covers hail damage on your rental vehicle or if not you have purchased additional rental insurance for the vehicle. Most insurance companies cover hail damage but if you aren’t protected when it comes to a rental car you may be left paying out of pocket. This is one reason it is good to know that hail season exists especially when traveling to North Carolina in the springtime. It is best to be prepared not only in terms of hail damage purposes but also to ensure you are prepared should you get caught in a fierce thunder or springtime hail storm.

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