Hot Springs, North Carolina-A “Hot” Attraction Found In N.C.

hot-springs-north-carolinaNorth Carolina is the perfect state to visit for all walks of visitors.  Meaning there are great historical sights to see for the history buff, or beautiful beaches to explore with your family, to many different cities such as Ashville & Raleigh that offer a multitude of different activities, to monuments like the deserted Land of Oz where the timeless classic The Wizard of Oz was filmed, to hiking and outdoor adventures for the nature lover in you.  In fact one of our favorite and highly recommended destinations when visiting N.C. are the natural hot springs that can be found just 36 miles north of Asheville! You don’t even have to be a natural lover or hiking enthusiast to enjoy the warm mineral filled waters that the natural hot springs produce! The Cherokee Indians once claimed these magical waters because of their healing powers, and visitors dating back to the 1700’s have also traveled in search of these warm therapeutic hot springs.  So how are the hot springs actually heated? They lay on a volcanic fault line which helps to heat the waters to between 98 & 102 degrees! There is even a spa/resort located next to the French Broad River on the Appalachian Trail in the little town known as Hot Springs (yes the town is named Hot Springs) where you can rent your own “hot tub” by the hour that are filled with the warm mineral filled explore-NC-hot-spingswater flowing from the springs. What’s even more amazing is that these “hot tubs” are not treated with any man made chemicals and are cleaned after each use.  Some of you who aren’t too familiar with the mineral infused water of hot springs might just be wondering what the big deal is about. Dan, a friend of mine that owns a Hot Tub Company, shared with us the many benefits the minerals found in natural hot springs tend to offer. In fact he also related how more and more of his customers are turning to converting their home hot tubs to mimic the water found in natural hot springs because of the many health benefits. Of course a natural hot spring is better but if you can replicate it in your own backyard then why not! However, if you do get a chance visit the incredible town of Hot Springs, North Carolina it is highly suggested you rent one of these private tubs!

Mineral Benefits Of Hot Springs

  • Magnesium Sulfate- great for muscle activity
  • Potassium Chloride- benefits nerves
  • Potassium Sulphate- aids heart and digestion
  • Sodium Chloride- helps bones & teeth
  • Lime Sulphate- helps bones & teeth
  • Iron Bicarbonate- helps with anemia

man-made-hot-springsNot only do the above listed minerals help with specific things they also work collectively to aid in oxygen flow, different circulatory illnesses and circulation in general.  They help to relieve sore muscles especially if you chose to hike one of the many gorgeous trails that can be found along the Appalachian Trail. And while we know that a dip in the hot springs are not necessarily for everyone, these beautiful natural made hot springs are definitely another perk and attraction when deciding to vacation in our wonderful state of North Carolina.  Who knows, for those that do visit the Hot Springs you may just go home ready to purchase or convert your existing hot tub into a man made version of these warm, therapeutic, health enhancing, mineral filled springs!

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The Best Beaches In North Carolina

Not only does North Carolina have many different cities and towns to explore, offering a different piece of southern charm, great food and so many incredible & historic sights to see, it is also home to some of the best beaches one can find.  With so many beautiful becahes to choose from it may be hard to narrow down which ones to visit the next time you are exploring the beautiful Tar Heel state.  We thought we’d help you out a bit with 20 of the best top rated beaches in beautiful North Carolina. There is bound to be a beach that appeals to what each visitor is looking for and maybe even a few different ones that you would love to bask in the warm sunshine on.  Take a look at this video and prepare to wish you were sitting on one of these golden beaches!


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The Land Of Oz!

Not only does North Carolina have incredible cities full of history and culture to be explored, it is also home to the Land Of Oz!  For those of you who are fans of the great classic “The Wizard Of Oz” exploring this abandoned theme park may just be the push to get you to visit Beech Mountain, North Carolina! Check out this short video on The Land Of Oz!

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~The Beautiful City Of Raleigh, North Carolina~

history-of-raleighWhen visiting North Carolina, there are so many beautiful cities with history, charm, and amazing sites to be seen.  Raleigh, the State Capital of North Carolina, perhaps being one of my favorite!  Not only is Raleigh a National Historical Landmark it is also the first and only city built with the plans to make it the states Capital!  The city was founded in 1972 and was named after Sir Walter Raleigh who attempted to establish one of the first English colonies dating all the way back to 1580!  The founding fathers nicknamed this incredible city “City Of Oaks” because of the all the oaks that can be found throughout.  They elected to protect and maintain the wooded areas and many parks that can be found all over the city!  With over 9,000 acres of park land and 1,300 acres of water there are recreational activities that can be found all year round.  In fact the city even has an 152 mile greenway system that boast walking, hiking and running paths and connects over 200 parks throughout the city!  So what are some of the fun things to see and do while visiting Raleigh??

Raleigh Must See & Do’s

  • North Carolina State Fair- Held in October every year, it is the largest event to happen throughout all of the state. Lasting 11 days in total more than 800,000 people attend every year!
  • governors-mansion-raleighHistorical Sites- Whether you are visiting the North Carolina Historical Capital Building, Executive Mansion, or Historic Oakwood, they are all incredible historical sites to be visited.  Oakwood is art in itself with 19th century Victorian homes laced throughout the neighborhood.
  • Music Scene- Perhaps one of the most encompassing of all performance areas, Raleigh offers Broadway shows, theaters, operas, and symphonies
  • ONE Corner of The Research Triangle- The Research Triangle is comprised of Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill and their respective Universities (University of N.C. Chapel Hill, University Durham, and N.C. State University of Raleigh) With some of the nations best universities “The Triangle” is home to some of the largest research and tech companies out there. Think IBM, Cisco Systems, Red Hat, Pfizer etc.chapel-hill-university-NC
  • Wildlife- If you are a lover of wildlife you won’t be disappointed, Raleigh is home to wood ducks, white tailed deer, Canada geese, and wild turkeys

These are just a few of the spectacular attractions in the city of Raleigh.  In general there are over 40 historical sites and museums to visit and explore.  The great thing about this city is that it has something to over all types of visitors.  Spo if you are planning a trip to our beautiful state of North Carolina, we definitely advise a visit to the city of Raleigh.  A little historical culture, southern hospitality, and beautiful woodlands surrounding you you will not be disappointed.




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Guided Tours Of North Carolina

With so many things to do ,see and explore in the state of North Carolina it can be hard to pick what activities to do and sites to see.  Many times when visitors are left to go at it alone they feel as if they didn’t really get to capture the true essence of the NC city they visited. Especially when it is your first time visiting the Tar Heel State, there is so much left to the unknown.  A friend of mine, Akima, who operates private tours on Oahu, Hawaii, shared with me that many of her tour guests book a private tour to really see the “inside” of her tropical state. While scouring the internet for ideas and attractions to see, many feel as if they are only seeing the shell of the state.  With a private tour of the area guests feel as if they see the true history & culture that may be unknown or unchartered by many visitors. Well my fellow readers, I took her much heeded advice and compiled a list of some of the best guided tours in the state of North Carolina. These mini adventures give you a little more insight into each city visited and leave you feeling like you got to know the history, area and the many desirable spots that our state has to offer.


Best Guided Tours In North Carolina


  • Hiking Tour Of Blue Ridge Parkway Falls- this guided 5 hour tour will take you on an adventure to explore 3 different waterfalls that can be found in the city of Asheville.  Family Friendly and a great way to site see and get some exercise this is one beautiful tour you might not want to miss out on!
  • segway-tours-North-carolinaTriangle Glides Tour- this guided tour offers a set of 6 different segway tours to choose from.  For all levels of segway riders one of these 6 tours is surely right for you.  Choose from tours such as Raleigh’s Darkest Secrets, Historic Oakwood, Explorer, Downtown Discovery and Essential Oakwood segway tours. Fun that can be had with the whole family!
  • Hungry Town Tours- A selection of tours to compliment those that prefer, walking, biking or a tour of your taste buds.  With tours that take you through the historical town of Beaufort, choose from the historical walking tour, a Ride to Remember, or Legends & Love of The Sea
  • Lake Lure, NC Guided Tour- Explore the historical town of Lake Lure and learn about all of the great lakes legends.  Fan of the movie Dirty Dancing? See many of the films scenery in person!
  • Tobacco Road, Raleigh- Bring the beverage of your choice and imbibe of thisexplore-north-carolina historical tour filled with fun and great information on the city of Raleigh
  • Haunted Asheville Tour- This is a family friendly, 2 hour tour for all of those that like a little mystery and perhaps some ghosts! Great way to see a bit of the ‘inside” of the beautiful city of Asheville.



While there are definitely MANY guided and self guided tours to enjoy and take part of while visiting our great state, these are just a few of our very favorite.  Every state has its own culture, history and sights to me seen and enjoyed. Visitors must decide on what appeals to them most and then get out there and explore! The beauty of traveling is experiencing all of the many facets of life and environments out there.  We are sure that no matter what you choose to do and see while your in any city in North Carolina it will be fun and a memorable experience!

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~The Wonderful City Of Asheville~


North Carolina’s city of Asheville is perhaps one of my most favorite cities to explore Known for its eclectic art scene and historical architecture, there are many sights to be seen, shops to meander through, restaurants to be enjoyed and fun to be had.  Home to the Blue Ridge Mountains even nature lovers can appreciate this amazing city. So what are some of the top things to do while visiting Asheville?

Exploring Asheville

  • The Haunted Asheville Tour- For those of you who enjoy ghosts and spooky thing you will love the guided night tour of Haunted Asheville. See all the proposed haunted sites in this old historical town filled with lots of history
  • downtown-asheville-NCDowntown Asheville- So many things all in one place! Independent shops, craft breweries and top rated restaurants to explore and enjoy
  • The Drum Circle/ Live Street Performances- Undiscovered new talents of all degrees provide live street performances laced throughout the city. The Drum Circle happens every Friday is a FREE community event for all those who wish to attend.  Listen to the beat, dance and let loose and have some fun!
  • Trolley/Bus Tours- Lazoom The “Purple Bus” guided tour will offer you a glimpse into Asheville’s historic history. Or join one of the manu Trolley Tour and enjoy the guided tour of the city narrated by local storytelling tour guides.
  • Shopping- With so many chic indie boutiques, craft fairs, The Grove Arcade open air market, and art galleries there is shopping for everyone
  • biltmore-house-asheville-NCBiltmore Estate- The winter estate owned by George W. vanderbilt is no somewhat of a museum. Open to the public to enjoy a guided tour, participate in horseback riding or stop by the winery for a wine tasting.
  • Biltmore Village- What was once the neighborhood made up of all the Biltmore estates workers now is a quaint little town located right before the entrance of vanderbilt’s breathtaking est estate.  Filled with vibrant shops, art & craft galleries and restaurants it’s a perfect spot to stop wander around before or after your estate tourart-scene-asheville
  • Blue Ridge Mountains- You don’t have to be a nature lover to enjoy this beautiful southern mountain range. With two natural forests to be explored the Pisgah and the Nantahala, as well as biking trails and roads to enjoy riding along and exploring the Blue Mountain range is highly advised to a little pay a visit too.

Asheville has so many great things to offer and is definitely a city of North Carolina that can be much enjoyed.  It has a way of welcoming every type of person out there and a vibrance about it that makes it extra special!

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Getting To Know The Tar Heel State!

You may have heard North Carolina referred to as the “Tar Heel State”  how did this unusual nickname come about?  While its true meaning is a mystery in its own right, and there are many different theories that have circulated through the years, most believe the nickname stems from the fact that North Carolina has a long history that going far back, as being one of the biggest producers of rsoin, tar, turpentine & pitch. Why? The ingredients for these materials is all derived from  the abundance of pine forests found throughout the entire state. Want to know some more interesting facts about this great state? Continue you reading and enjoy the fun facts we have compiled for you!

Interesting Facts About North Carolina

  • Krispy Kreme Donuts- These coveted donuts were first brought to life in Winston Salem, North Carolina
  • “First In Flight”- The Wright Brothers, The godfathers of aviation flew their first successful flight out of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
  • Biltmore Estate- easily the nation’s LARGEST private residence, it is a beautiful and much sought after tourist destination
  • Capital Of BBQ- For those of you who take your BBQ seriously, we do too here in North Carolina. In fact Lexington is the BBQ capital of the world! Now that’s some good BBQ
  • 3 Main Products- Although NC is known for its tar production, the state is also known for its production of cotton, sweet potatoes and tobacco.
  • Emeralds Galore- The 20 biggest emeralds found i the world came out of North Carolina
  • Great Smoky Mountains- The Great smoky Mountains & its National Park are some of the most sought after & famous tourist destination perhaps in the state!
  • NASCAR-We are lovers of NASCAR, so much in fact that Charlotte, NC boasts the New Built NASCAR Hall of Fame!
  • Moonshine- A HUGE producer of moonshine during the prohibition
  • Hello Pepsi- Where Pepsi was born in the city of New Berlin
  • Home to The Oldest University- Here you will find the University of North carolina at Chapel Hill. It is the OLDEST State University in the ENTIRE U.S.
  • Gorgeous Beaches- The Outer Banks of NC boast some of the most breathtaking beaches found in all of the country!
  • WhiteWater Falls- This beautiful water fall is located in Transylvania County and is known as the highest waterfall in all of The Eastern United States
  • Cherry Point- perhaps you have heard of this marine base set in Havelock, NC. It is the biggest marine base in ALL of the Marine Corps!
  • Morehead City- This fabolous city is home to the North carolina Seafood Festival held every October. If you love seafood you will definitely want to check out this festival!

While I’m sure we could tell you even more fun and interesting facts about our beloved state, we don’t want to overwhelm you on our first post!  Stay tuned for more to come on the FAMOUS BBQ, incredible scenery, and great tourist destinations.  Once again WELCOME to the state of North Carolina, we extend our utmost southern hospitality and welcome you all with open arms!

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Welcome to our blog on the beautiful state of North Carolina!  We started this blog in hopes of sharing all the wonderful details, facts, things to do & sought after tourist destinations here in our lovely state!  With everything from sandy beaches, incredible mountains(The Great Smoky Mountains),  humming cities, natural beauty and incredible BBQ & other cuisine, North Carolina is a great place to visit, explore or even put down your roots.  North carolina has something to offer all types of adventure seekers, wanderlusts, and inquisitive travelers.  Stay tuned for our very first blog post that will be coming soon!

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