North Carolina’s Incredible Universities

north-carolina-universitiesMany of you may know the extent of the damage done to the state of North Carolina by Hurricane Florence.  While all of the damage and devastation has affected people and businesses from all walks of life, what most of us may not have realized is what it does for those attending one of the many amazing colleges & Universities in North Carolina. In fact North Carolina is home to many of the top rated schools in the United States.  What are these schools exactly??

Top Colleges In North Carolina


  • Duke University- Probably the most coveted N.C. University, Duke University is aduke-university phenomenal University.  Located in Durham, North Carolina, Durham has been ranked as one of the best places to live and offers an abundance of sports, history, food and art.  You will find that as Duke’s home, the city of Durham is said to be filled with a great amount of intellectual people.
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill- This amazing public University is often referred to as Carolina.  It is ranked as #1 out of 100 colleges for it’s high quality of academics at a reasonable and affordable price. It is also said to have a 13:1 student teacher ratio which leaves class sizes at less than 50 students.  Great for learning!
  • North Carolina State University at Raleigh- Also referred to as NC State, this research based school works hand in hand with both Duke University and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  It is also located in the second best area for technology based jobs.
  • Campbell University- North Carolina’s only private University with degrees available in la, Medicine and Pharmacy.  Located in Buies Creek it prides itself with over 100 organizations for students which helps make this one of the colleges with the most student involvement.
  • University of North Carolina, Charlotte- This college is great for marketing majors and those interested in business.  The campus also is home to the N.C. Motorsports & Automotive Center which works hand in hand with professional raising teams to teach automotive engineering.

With 16 different Universities to choose from throughout the state of North Carolina, these are only 5 of them.  They are all great and offer something different for all types and levels of students. Hopefully with the Hurricane Florence bringing so much destruction in its wake we will not see significant damage to these Universities. Should you visit our lovely state, checking out these Universities is highly suggested not only for what they have to offer but also for their beautiful Southern architecture.

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