Moving to North Carolina

north-carolina-livingThis state is one of the two pairs of states that has a north and south state, the other being North and South Dakota. The bigger and more populous of the Carolinas, North Carolina is one of the 13 original colonies that offers a ton of history, great food, and tons of sports. For those planning a move to North Carolina check-out some of the many things, this state has to offer.

Planning A Move To North Carolina…

Food – Being a southern state, North Carolina is known for its southern food. Fried everything, BBQ, and sweet tea are all very present here. There are actually two styles of BBQ present, the more bitter Eastern style, and the sweeter Lexington style. Also being a coastal state, there is plenty of seafood for more variety.

winter-north-carolinaWeather – While North Carolina is subject to hurricanes, this affects more of the coastal region than the interior region. And the last major hurricane was Hurricane Fran in 1996. Otherwise like most southern states, the weather is humid but warm for most of the year, but near the Appalachians, the area gets colder and even gets snow. You can even go skiing in the state.

Sports – This state is complete with NFL, NBA, and NHL professional teams with the Panthers, Hornets, and Hurricanes. It doesn’t have an MLB team but it has 2 AAA teams. Where North Carolina sports really shine is in college. With giant sports colleges including Duke, North Carolina, Wake Forest, NC State, Davidson, Appalachian State, and more. Duke and North Carolina are known for being the two best college basketball programs in the history of college basketball thanks to coaches Roy Williams and Mike Krzyzewski. You must decide whether you are a Duke or North Carolina fan if you watch any sports otherwise you will be ostracized from someone who likes a different shade of blue. Another popular sport is NASCAR, with the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the museum being in Charlotte as well as the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Beaches and Mountains – North Carolina is one of the few coastal states that also are appalachian-mountains-NCnearby mountains. This state offers many mountain ranges and natural parks including the Smoky Mountains, Blue Ridge Parkway, Emerald Isle, Appalachian Mountains, and other natural areas. Also along the coast, there are sandy beaches and blue water. This is the state for the all in one vacation for those who like the beach and for those who like hiking the mountains as well. You could go skiing one day and then go surfing the next day. You can’t say that about many other states.

If you want an all in one state with good weather, great food, and an amazing sports culture then this is the perfect state for you. You can hike high mountains, surf the waves, watch the most intense sports rivalries, and enjoy a variety of great food all in one state.

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