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-Thanks "funguide", I used your site to plan my "much deserved"
family vacation to North Carolina.I didn't realize how much
North Carolina had to offer for familiy vacations.We had a blast. 
Dave Adkins 

-I stumpled on to your site from a friend,when we found out I was
 relocating to North Carolina with my family,because of work.My
family was down, about the whole thing, as was I.After surfing
thru "aguide2northcarolina" we felt much better about moving
there.We use this site for finding our realtor and where to live,
relative to work.
thanks "funguide".  the Anderson family

-I'm dropping you a note to tell you that your "scienic drive"
section determined whether I go to North Carolina or somewhere
else,for some good "Motorcycle" riding thru the smokie mountains.
Needless to say I picked North Carolina & absolutely enjoyed it.   
 thank you  mark  crowell

-Just thought I'd send you a quick e-mail,saying thanks for taking
the time to answer my questions on wilmington.    debbie

-Hey funguide, thanks for the info on sky diving.Never knew North
Carolina would be the place I would go next for sky diving.
What a view.   steve

-I use your site for setting up flights & hotels for our sales force.
You have a lot of good info,but you need to get more "restaurant"
info on this site.I actually bought some luggage out of
"luggage shopping".I saved over $100. 
 thank you-   Karen

-Thanks for answering my e-mail on what activities North Carolina
offers.I did take my management team to North Carolina for some
"team building".We did some hiking & white water rafting.We had a
great time & I really think it help make our management team
stronger.Your site was very useful in finding the activities that we
were looking for.
thank you  Robert Tyler


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