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“Aguide2northcarolina” and its sister web site “Aguide2southcarolina” provide necessary information needed for a relaxing and enjoyable experience, along with incorporating easy travel.


 “Aguide2northcarolina” is a comprehensive, continually updated travel guide with exciting travel information on North Carolina.The latest in tourist attractions,accommodations,restaurants, shops, car rentals, flights,events and much much more.Activities such as white water rafting,hang gliding are detailed.

If you're relocating,then pick on our "real estate" link for more information in finding your dream home.
Visit our left menu for "on line vacation shopping ",imformation of all kinds.Click on "regions" on the home page and find the city of your choice, along with what that city has to offer for activities,events etc.

 ACCOMMODATIONS who want to advertise their "retreat" / "resort" / "cabin rentals" / "lake lodging" or "house boats" can do so thru the right menu bar,under their specific category as shown.After doing this, your exciting "ad" will be seen when travelers browse thru that menu on the right, under those categories.Accommodations for the above mentioned can also list your place in the "accommodations" on the right menu bar called "advertise your",if you feel that would be a better place or both.

Visit our "calendar events" for what is happening and where.If you have an event that is not listed, please send it to our funguide@aguide2northcarolina.com and we will list it for free.



We offer optional “on-line travel reservations” for hotels, resorts and other accommodations. This comprehensive and helpful information assists you in making the right choices for your dream vacation. Visit each of the informational categories: Accommodations, Restaurants, Shopping, Golfing, Scenic Views. These “travel sites” are updated constantly, incorporating cutting edge software, travel information & the customers feedback. Please browse around our site and enjoy.


Time is precious! These travel sites are set up to show you city by city, what is available for your family or business travel needs. It helps you get the most out of your traveling or vacationing experience. Please E-mail our "Traveling Experience" department and tell us your ”traveling experience”.We will post it on this site, for other travelers to benefit from.Your participation is greatly appreciated,and this will only benefit other travelers in guiding them to a wonderful vacation.


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