Hurricane Florence Devastation

hurricane-florenceWe love our state of North Carolina and all of the beauty and Southern hospitality it encompasses.  While we usually like to share the best travel destinations, sites to see and things to do while visiting our state, we wanted to take a moment to focus on the devastation and destruction that hurricane Florence has brought to the Carolina’s.  With many families displaced because of damage to their homes and business owners trying to rebuild the destruction of their businesses we wanted to share what has happened in our still beautiful state.

Most of the state under flood water, high winds that have caused major power outages in many areas, and many people in shelters due to the damage to their homes and no running water or electricity, the state of North Carolina is in a crisis.  President Donald Trump came to hand out warm meals and help lift our residents morales as we wade through the flood waters and start the rebuilding process. Here are some statistics of what is happening in North Carolina as of now.

Hurricane Florence Destruction

  • 7,800-10,000 people are currently staying in shelters
  • 37 deaths have been reported
  • 161,000 people are without electricity
  • 3.4 million chickens have died in flood waters
  • 5,500 pigs have died
  • 125 million pounds of tobacco has been damaged
  • Cotton, sweet potatoes, corn, and peanuts are among other crops also affected
  • At least 5 million gallons of partially treated sewage has spilled into the Cape Fear River
  • The Lumber River is covering parts of towns from it’s overflow

These are just a few of the statistics reported in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. While North Carolina brings in revenue from crops and other means, most crops and hurricane-florenece-devastationfarming has been affected or destroyed.  Top that with the fact that tourism revenue is at a stand still while the residents are still trying to gain footing and return to their homes and properties. A lot of visitors will not be visiting now even if trips and hotels have been booked and planned.

With organizations like the Red Cross and volunteers helping to restore life and order to all of North Carolina and it’s affected cities, time will only tell how long it will really take the whole rebuilding process.  Another horrific downfall of the hurricanes devastation is most homeowners did not obtain flood insurance as part of their homeowners insurance plans. Why? North Carolina is not a state that is in danger of floods normally, however, with the hurricane there is proof that it can happen.  Homeowners lacking the flood coverage are now left to rebuild spending thousands of dollars on their own. Couple that with the fact that many are out of jobs because businesses have shut down with damages as well.

North-Carolina-hurricaneWe can only continue to be thankful for all of the volunteers and help that has poured in from concerned citizens and organizations.  Hopefully we will see a light at the end of the tunnel sooner rather than later.


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