Hot Springs, North Carolina-A “Hot” Attraction Found In N.C.

hot-springs-north-carolinaNorth Carolina is the perfect state to visit for all walks of visitors.  Meaning there are great historical sights to see for the history buff, or beautiful beaches to explore with your family, to many different cities such as Ashville & Raleigh that offer a multitude of different activities, to monuments like the deserted Land of Oz where the timeless classic The Wizard of Oz was filmed, to hiking and outdoor adventures for the nature lover in you.  In fact one of our favorite and highly recommended destinations when visiting N.C. are the natural hot springs that can be found just 36 miles north of Asheville! You don’t even have to be a natural lover or hiking enthusiast to enjoy the warm mineral filled waters that the natural hot springs produce! The Cherokee Indians once claimed these magical waters because of their healing powers, and visitors dating back to the 1700’s have also traveled in search of these warm therapeutic hot springs.  So how are the hot springs actually heated? They lay on a volcanic fault line which helps to heat the waters to between 98 & 102 degrees! There is even a spa/resort located next to the French Broad River on the Appalachian Trail in the little town known as Hot Springs (yes the town is named Hot Springs) where you can rent your own “hot tub” by the hour that are filled with the warm mineral filled explore-NC-hot-spingswater flowing from the springs. What’s even more amazing is that these “hot tubs” are not treated with any man made chemicals and are cleaned after each use.  Some of you who aren’t too familiar with the mineral infused water of hot springs might just be wondering what the big deal is about. Dan, a friend of mine that owns a Hot Tub Company, shared with us the many benefits the minerals found in natural hot springs tend to offer. In fact he also related how more and more of his customers are turning to converting their home hot tubs to mimic the water found in natural hot springs because of the many health benefits. Of course a natural hot spring is better but if you can replicate it in your own backyard then why not! However, if you do get a chance visit the incredible town of Hot Springs, North Carolina it is highly suggested you rent one of these private tubs!

Mineral Benefits Of Hot Springs

  • Magnesium Sulfate- great for muscle activity
  • Potassium Chloride- benefits nerves
  • Potassium Sulphate- aids heart and digestion
  • Sodium Chloride- helps bones & teeth
  • Lime Sulphate- helps bones & teeth
  • Iron Bicarbonate- helps with anemia

man-made-hot-springsNot only do the above listed minerals help with specific things they also work collectively to aid in oxygen flow, different circulatory illnesses and circulation in general.  They help to relieve sore muscles especially if you chose to hike one of the many gorgeous trails that can be found along the Appalachian Trail. And while we know that a dip in the hot springs are not necessarily for everyone, these beautiful natural made hot springs are definitely another perk and attraction when deciding to vacation in our wonderful state of North Carolina.  Who knows, for those that do visit the Hot Springs you may just go home ready to purchase or convert your existing hot tub into a man made version of these warm, therapeutic, health enhancing, mineral filled springs!

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