Guided Tours Of North Carolina

With so many things to do ,see and explore in the state of North Carolina it can be hard to pick what activities to do and sites to see.  Many times when visitors are left to go at it alone they feel as if they didn’t really get to capture the true essence of the NC city they visited. Especially when it is your first time visiting the Tar Heel State, there is so much left to the unknown.  A friend of mine, Akima, who operates private tours on Oahu, Hawaii, shared with me that many of her tour guests book a private tour to really see the “inside” of her tropical state. While scouring the internet for ideas and attractions to see, many feel as if they are only seeing the shell of the state.  With a private tour of the area guests feel as if they see the true history & culture that may be unknown or unchartered by many visitors. Well my fellow readers, I took her much heeded advice and compiled a list of some of the best guided tours in the state of North Carolina. These mini adventures give you a little more insight into each city visited and leave you feeling like you got to know the history, area and the many desirable spots that our state has to offer.


Best Guided Tours In North Carolina


  • Hiking Tour Of Blue Ridge Parkway Falls- this guided 5 hour tour will take you on an adventure to explore 3 different waterfalls that can be found in the city of Asheville.  Family Friendly and a great way to site see and get some exercise this is one beautiful tour you might not want to miss out on!
  • segway-tours-North-carolinaTriangle Glides Tour- this guided tour offers a set of 6 different segway tours to choose from.  For all levels of segway riders one of these 6 tours is surely right for you.  Choose from tours such as Raleigh’s Darkest Secrets, Historic Oakwood, Explorer, Downtown Discovery and Essential Oakwood segway tours. Fun that can be had with the whole family!
  • Hungry Town Tours- A selection of tours to compliment those that prefer, walking, biking or a tour of your taste buds.  With tours that take you through the historical town of Beaufort, choose from the historical walking tour, a Ride to Remember, or Legends & Love of The Sea
  • Lake Lure, NC Guided Tour- Explore the historical town of Lake Lure and learn about all of the great lakes legends.  Fan of the movie Dirty Dancing? See many of the films scenery in person!
  • Tobacco Road, Raleigh- Bring the beverage of your choice and imbibe of thisexplore-north-carolina historical tour filled with fun and great information on the city of Raleigh
  • Haunted Asheville Tour- This is a family friendly, 2 hour tour for all of those that like a little mystery and perhaps some ghosts! Great way to see a bit of the ‘inside” of the beautiful city of Asheville.



While there are definitely MANY guided and self guided tours to enjoy and take part of while visiting our great state, these are just a few of our very favorite.  Every state has its own culture, history and sights to me seen and enjoyed. Visitors must decide on what appeals to them most and then get out there and explore! The beauty of traveling is experiencing all of the many facets of life and environments out there.  We are sure that no matter what you choose to do and see while your in any city in North Carolina it will be fun and a memorable experience!

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