Getting To Know The Tar Heel State!

You may have heard North Carolina referred to as the “Tar Heel State”  how did this unusual nickname come about?  While its true meaning is a mystery in its own right, and there are many different theories that have circulated through the years, most believe the nickname stems from the fact that North Carolina has a long history that going far back, as being one of the biggest producers of rsoin, tar, turpentine & pitch. Why? The ingredients for these materials is all derived from  the abundance of pine forests found throughout the entire state. Want to know some more interesting facts about this great state? Continue you reading and enjoy the fun facts we have compiled for you!

Interesting Facts About North Carolina

  • Krispy Kreme Donuts- These coveted donuts were first brought to life in Winston Salem, North Carolina
  • “First In Flight”- The Wright Brothers, The godfathers of aviation flew their first successful flight out of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
  • Biltmore Estate- easily the nation’s LARGEST private residence, it is a beautiful and much sought after tourist destination
  • Capital Of BBQ- For those of you who take your BBQ seriously, we do too here in North Carolina. In fact Lexington is the BBQ capital of the world! Now that’s some good BBQ
  • 3 Main Products- Although NC is known for its tar production, the state is also known for its production of cotton, sweet potatoes and tobacco.
  • Emeralds Galore- The 20 biggest emeralds found i the world came out of North Carolina
  • Great Smoky Mountains- The Great smoky Mountains & its National Park are some of the most sought after & famous tourist destination perhaps in the state!
  • NASCAR-We are lovers of NASCAR, so much in fact that Charlotte, NC boasts the New Built NASCAR Hall of Fame!
  • Moonshine- A HUGE producer of moonshine during the prohibition
  • Hello Pepsi- Where Pepsi was born in the city of New Berlin
  • Home to The Oldest University- Here you will find the University of North carolina at Chapel Hill. It is the OLDEST State University in the ENTIRE U.S.
  • Gorgeous Beaches- The Outer Banks of NC boast some of the most breathtaking beaches found in all of the country!
  • WhiteWater Falls- This beautiful water fall is located in Transylvania County and is known as the highest waterfall in all of The Eastern United States
  • Cherry Point- perhaps you have heard of this marine base set in Havelock, NC. It is the biggest marine base in ALL of the Marine Corps!
  • Morehead City- This fabolous city is home to the North carolina Seafood Festival held every October. If you love seafood you will definitely want to check out this festival!

While I’m sure we could tell you even more fun and interesting facts about our beloved state, we don’t want to overwhelm you on our first post!  Stay tuned for more to come on the FAMOUS BBQ, incredible scenery, and great tourist destinations.  Once again WELCOME to the state of North Carolina, we extend our utmost southern hospitality and welcome you all with open arms!

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